Sewing tools: measuring. 📏

sewing -kits-measuring-tool

Here are a few essentials that will become really handy:

Measuring and marking tools are something you want to have on hand when working on your sewing projects. You can choose from a wide range, based on your personal preferences:

  1. A clear plastic ruler: used for basic measuring, marking, lining up the grain and marking pleats. I always use a small one for this kind of jobs and a bigger, rigid one with a rotary cutter to make long cuts with extra precision.
  2. A water- erasable marker: It is used to make markings on the fabric and can be removed with water after you have finished. I usually use mine to trace pattern pieces.
  3. A flexible tape measure: this is used for taking measurements of the body, curved pieces, zippers, etc. It is usually 60 inches (152.4cm) in length. They usually come in inches/centimeters on each of their sides.
  4. Tailor’s chalk: Same function as the water-erasable marker, although I used them for smaller marks.
  5. A seam gauge: It is a small ruler with a sliding marker. It is used to measure out even hems or evenly spaced pleats or tucks. sewing-kits-measure-tools✄ Never Stop sewing!✄