Sewing tools: cutting. ✄

Good quality cutting tools are key to successful sewing!

Buying good shears and scissors will avoid the frustration of dull blades and wasted fabric. Here is a list of the basic tools that you should have before starting any sewing project:

  • Tiny 10cm (4-inch) embroidery scissors: they have a very fine, super shart point that is perfect for trimming thread close to the fabric. Keep them in hand while you sew!
  • Fabric shears are what you need to cut large pieces of fabric. A pair of high-quality shears that can be sharpened can last for a lifetime. However, be sure you only cut fabric with them; using them to cut paper or other materials can dull the blades over time..!
  • Paper scissors: Use this to cut paper, your patterns, tape, and fusible products. They can’t be used on fabric because the blades are not sharp enough to result in a clean cut.
  • Seam ripper: This is a super useful tool, it is used to remove stitches. I used to use my scissors to do this job and it was really painful…it just changed my life..! The name is a bit misleading because there isn’t any ripping happening at all- it merely involves sliding the hook under the stitches and letting the small blade at the base cut through the thread. No matter how accomplished you might be at sewing, you will have to take out a seam at some point, so this tool is a must!
  • A rotary cutter with a self-healing cutting mat is also an essential tool. It is used to cut through one or many layers of fabric. You can get it in several sizes (mine is a 45mm OLFA and I just love it). The blade is very sharp, so always use it with caution. My cutting mat is 60cmx45cm, although if you have a good size table, I would recommend going for a bigger mat.
  • Pinking shears: this is an optional tool. They are used to trim seams to keep edges from fraying. It is good to have them on hand, but if you don’t, you can finish your edges with a few different techniques that I will show you in another post (i.e zig-zag stitching).

✄ Never Stop sewing!✄