Sewing tools: Pins and needles. 📍


What you need to get started:

There are a lot of pins, needles cushions and threaders available that sometimes it is hard to know where to start.

  1. Steel straight pins: If you choose them with colorful heads, they are easy to see and use. They will not melt under a hot iron.
  2. Stuffed pincushion: It allows pins to stand upright so they are easy to grab when you only have one free hand. It also keeps the point of the pins clean and sharp because they are not exposed to dust and moisture.
  3. A magnetic pincushion: It is a very helpful tool. Swipe it over your sewing table and watch it magically pick up any loose pins!
  4. Safety pins: I use them to pull the elastic through casings. You can also use them in place of pins if you are working on a larger project you want to fold up and save for later.
  5.  A thimble: For ages, I thought thimbles were an affectation with no genuine sewing use. With each stitch, I’d push the needle through the fabric with the pad of my middle finger. Over time, the finger began to get sore. Then a scarlet dot blossomed. It was time to reach for the thimble.
  6.  Hand-sewing needles: They come in a variety of sizes for both the eye and the length/width of the needle. It is good to always have a variety pack of needles on hand.
  7.  Wonder clips: These are a little sewing miracle that makes so many jobs just that little bit easier. They are especially useful in bag making with the thick layers, but also for quilting and binding too.  Anytime you don’t want to use a pin or you need an extra pair of hands to hold something, use these wonder clips…!

✄ Never Stop sewing!✄